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Roberto Zanrosso thinks that writing about himself in 3rd person is odd, but since everybody does it... it´s not ODD...

Hence my decision to write in first person.

HI folks, 

I was born in Italy in 1973 in a pretty normal environment...

At some point I decided that I liked guitars, and started playing Smoke on the Water.

Around 20 I found out that going out at night with guitars and friends was more fun that studying something serious, so I signed up for D.A.M.S, acronym of WE Talk -a Lot -About -Music

in the meantime I was in love with anything blues, and I was playing a shitload of gigs with a more or less trio. It was fun. And I thought I was good.

So I moved to Barcelona. yes... It made no sense, but I did it anyway.

In the Barcelona years  I turned to acoustic guitars, because... basically it was the only way to get gigs.
And I started writing some songs.

the sum of that experience, filtered through a not so solar state of mind, gave birth to One Angry Smiling Bastard, my first record. At that point I had moved to Berlin.

Not long after releasing the record I started having problems with one hand, so I basically stopped gigging (and still have a ton of those cds)

Luckily, after 2 and half years, My hands decide to turn in Real Hands. with everything working just fine.

What do you do after you get back the dearest thing in your life?
you go back to old bob? NO WAY

I just decided to give myself the best I could, never worrying if there is a market or not, just play what I want.

this is ODD

I mean the record ODD.
What do you want to play. Bob? (Bob is me, when I talk to myself)
My Strat. How? like me.
and strange rhythm, but I want to dance...

It took long, very long, but... I´m happy.
Odd is written note by note, no shortcuts. recorded with time.
And now it´s about time it leaves and goes around. 
I hope you like it.



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