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One Angry Smiling Bastard

by Roberto Zanrosso

Released 2010
Rockwerk Records
Released 2010
Rockwerk Records
2010 release, pretty dark, mostly acoustic, Made with two bucks, if you know what I mean...
I moved distant from that, but somehow it´s still me.
Broken Soul talked to a lot o people, and Fella too.
I still love the guitar of Costanza.
In 2010 i had very little money for production, and very ittle experience.
But I had something to say, and I managed to release this album
It´s pretty dark!
I know that it touched the heart of some people, expecially a few songs. it´s not very refined, but it´s damn honest.
that´s why I still like it, even though I moved to other sound, and even, sometime, a brighter mood.

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