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by Roberto Zanrosso

Released 2018
Singapore 13831
Released 2018
Singapore 13831
This is ODD BLUES. Sticky melodies, groovy odd rhythm, sweaty guitars.
Welcome to the ODD side of the BLUES
Italian born, Berlin based, Roberto Zanrosso, composer, guitarist and singer, after a few years fine tuning his art behind the scenes is excited to be introducing his new work “ODD”.
He challenges the expressive potential of his guitar melodically and rhythmically in a 14 track balance of blues and experimentation. “ODD” is an uneven, unusual and slightly out of place journey. Roberto says “ODD is me, this is what I am, a musician deep rooted in the blues on my own journey, a personal path through freedom, rhythm and expression”
Freedom from the standards is portrayed in the rhythm, sometimes odd, sometimes custom made, carved to serve the melody. Melody is the king in every vocal and every solo telling a story.
Roberto’s three favorites that as he says “belong with him in the afterlife” would be…”Floating Bridge” for its senseless happiness, “Road” for the melodic adventure and “Kiss” for its twisted groove.

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