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 "Those who love different, original, and musically ironic solutions,

will find in Odd stuff they'll want to keep in mind... congratulations to Roberto Zanrosso."

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        HI everyone!

         And welcome.

         This is the website of guitarist-composer-singer- Roberto Zanrosso.

         Here you will get the news, you can join the mail list, eventually read some update I might be posting.

         Yes... guess what.. all the stuff you expect from a website





4th of Feb 2019

Almost a year since ODD came out. 
It's going pretty well, considering how hard I tried to get in the top ten :P
I pretty soon found out that independent radio stations are my best friends, as well as the specialized press.

A big thank you to all of those who gave attention to this old boy, reemerging from the darkness with something you can't put a label on. hats off.

in these days, I'm back to promotion and organizing. something moves...

you want us? mail me.
And we really don't think there is such a thing like "too much press". All media, big and small are more than welcome.

you can also just check the video section here, with some Facebook friendly video ;)
just saying..